Puppy’s first visit to the vets

Whether it is for a health check or first vaccination, we always make a puppy’s first visit to Mulberry House Vets an enjoyable and positive experience.

You can also download a printable Children and their new puppy booklet, which is great for helping children understand how to look after and care for their new pet.

We give them time to get to know us, cuddles if they want and our rooms are always very clean so they can explore the consult room if they are curious.  It is a good idea to withhold food from your puppy for a couple of hours before coming to your appointment to ensure they are hungry and keen to eat treats while being handled.

It is wonderful to see so many of our doggy patients come bounding in through the front door ready for their gravy bones!!

Taking your puppy outside

It is important to wait until a week after your puppy has had their second vaccine before going out on walks and meeting other dogs. However as long as your garden is safe and enclosed, then your puppy can go out there straight away. It will help to build their confidence, get them used to their new home and you can start their toilet training.  It is important to check the garden regularly for cat or fox poo and also dangerous items which your puppy might chew or swallow.

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