Feeding your puppy good quality nutrition is essential as they grow.

We recommend a complete puppy food until they reach adulthood when their bodies are fully mature –this will be 12 months old for small breeds and up to 18 months old for giant breeds.

The packet of food will guide you as to how much to feed depending on your puppies age and weight.

Your puppy’s breeder should supply you with a bag of the food that they have been feeding.

If you would like to change this food, it is important to do so gradually over a week.

The vet or nurse will be happy to discuss diets in more detail.  We are happy to recommend Royal Canin, Hills or Purina as brands which put a lot of evidence-based research into the nutritional content of their diets.

There is no need to give your puppy milk, but do ensure there is plenty of fresh water available to them at all times.

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