Video Consults

Using video technology, our vets are able to provide personalised advice for your pet from the safety of your own home.
We can use WhatsApp or Facetime to do video consults.

The appointments will last around 15 minutes and be charged at our normal consultation fee.

If following the consult, we deem it necessary for your pet to come into the practice for a physical examination, there will be no further consultation fee but any medications or investigations will be charged as normal.

Please call the practice on 0118 4028822 or contact us to arrange a video consult.

Getting the most from your video consult:

  • Email any specific photos you would like us to look at in advance of your appointment time.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection for wifi or 4G – you may have to stop TV streaming or gaming during the consult.
  • A quiet and brightly lit environment helps us to assess your pet.
  • If possible have two people present; one filming and the other holding the pet.
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