Puppy Vaccinations

Puppy Vaccinations

We recommend that puppies have their first vaccine at 8 weeks, a second at 10 weeks and a third at 12 weeks. By splitting the vaccine course into three visits we can allow puppies to get out walking and socialising by 11 weeks old – a crucial time in their development.

It also means that we have plenty of opportunity to ensure that your puppy is healthy and growing well.

See our Vaccinations Page for more information, and you can also watch our Puppy vaccinations video

Your puppy is likely to be a bit sleepy after their vaccination and may be a little off their food for the day. They may also be tender over the back of the neck and shoulders where the vaccine has been given.  A small number of puppies will develop a little lump at the injection site by their shoulders this usually occurs 5-7 days after the vaccine and will resolve by itself within a couple of weeks.


Taking your puppy outside

It is important to wait until a week after your puppy has had their second vaccine before going out on walks and meeting other dogs. However as long as your garden is safe and enclosed, then your puppy can go out there straight away. It will help to build their confidence, get them used to their new home and you can start their toilet training.  It is important to check the garden regularly for cat or fox poo and also dangerous items which your puppy might chew or swallow.

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