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Mulberry House Welcome Booklet

The design of our purpose-built facilities has been carefully thought out to provide a positive and stress-free experience.

Our reception area feels warm and welcoming. When you walk in you will notice the calming colours and gentle music. We are the first veterinary practice in the UK to use special slip resistant wooden flooring from Floors For Paws.

Our cat waiting area has hideaway cubby holes to place carriers in so cats can feel safe and secure. We use Feliway pheromone diffusers and have a supply of Feliway infused blankets to cover the carriers for an extra layer of privacy and calm.

The dog weighing scales are sunk into the floor so there is no worry about nervous dogs having to step up onto a strange platform. We have built an anxious dog cuddle corner where they can snuggle in close beside you, and of course there will always be a tin full of yummy treats on our reception desk!

For those dogs who really don’t like to see other dogs we have a separate entrance to the consult rooms or we can even have our appointment in the lovely rear garden.

Our consult rooms are designed to be clean and practical but by keeping the same slip resistant flooring and a jar of tasty treats, we hope that our furry friends will feel relaxed and happy to come in to see us!

Our appointments are longer than average; this gives us time to listen to your concerns, perform a full physical exam and plan the best care and treatment for your pet. If you feel you may need longer then please let us know, and we’ll find the extra time for you.

To help reduce stress of hospitalised patients we have separate wards, bowls and bedding for dogs and cats. Whilst dogs may find cats and their smells exciting, we’re pretty sure the cats don’t feel the same way! We use special pheromone plug-ins as well as providing purpose designed kennels, climate control, night lighting and background classical music: this has been shown to help reduce stress in kennelled animals.

Our cat ward fulfils the requirements for a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic. Our large overnight kennels allow cats to stretch out while also having room for a hideaway to give our shyer patients a place to retreat to. Your pets will be cared for by our highly experienced nurse team, from the moment they step paw into the building until they bound back out again!

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