Our Prices

There is unfortunately no NHS for pets, so veterinary practices are providing private health care. The fees you pay reflect the investment we make in caring for your pet along with funding the services, medications, facilities and staff expertise, allowing us to give the best possible care for your pets.

We strongly believe in a transparent pricing policy.  Our vets will discuss costs of investigations, procedures and treatments and tailor a plan to suit you and your pet.

The following are our most commonly charged fees, please get in touch for any other specific costs you would like to know.

Standard consultation£44
Subsequent consultation£38.50
Primary vaccination course puppy£72
Primary vaccination course kitten£77
Annual booster vaccination dog£57
Vaccicheck DHP antibody titre blood test£48
Kennel Cough vaccine£35
Kennel Cough vaccine with booster£22
Annual booster vaccination cat£61
Annual Myxo-RHD1 vaccination rabbit£48
Annual RHD2 vaccination rabbit£30
Bitch spey <20kg£255
Bitch spey >20kg£310
Dog castrate <20kg£190
Dog castrate >20kg£210
Cat Spey£83
Cat castrate£65
Dog GA dental scale & polish£330
Cat GA dental scale & polish£260