Patient Story – Tommy


Tommy came into Mulberry House very lethargic and dehydrated as he hadn’t eaten in 2 days. He had also been showing signs of discomfort whilst using his litter tray. After being examined by one of our vets it turned out Tommy had a blocked bladder. This is where an obstruction occurs within the urethra and urine is unable to pass. As a result, the bladder fills up with urine and causes severe complications.
Luckily due Tommy’s owners bringing him to the vets quickly the team were able to insert a catheter into the urethra and remove the blockage. Tommy had round the clock care for a few days to make sure the urine continued to pass smoothly before returning home to his owners.
After a long course of antibiotics and regular check-ups with our vet team Tommy’s condition has improved dramatically and he is much happier.
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