Titre Testing

What is Titre Testing?

The serum of the dog or cat is tested to check the immune response against the three main diseases they are vaccinated against. Your pet will need to come in for an appointment for a blood test and this will be sent off to be tested externally. The results should be back within 7 days.

Why is Titre testing beneficial?

  • You can use it to check if a booster is required or not.
  • You can use it for rescue or stray animals where the vaccination history is unknown.

What are the three core diseases that Titre testing tests for?

For dogs, Titre testing checks the immune response levels for Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Distemper (which are found in the DHP vaccine).
For cats, it will check the levels of immune response against Panleukopenia, Herpesvirus, and Calicivirus (which are found in the Tricat vaccine).

Why does Titre testing not test for Leptospirosis in dogs?

The duration of immunity after the Lepto 2 or Lepto 4 vaccine does not last as long as it does for the core diseases (DHP) so revaccination each year is required and recommended.

Who can carry out the test?

Titre testing must be carried out by a Veterinary Professional, a 15 minute appointment with a Vet or Nurse will be required.

What happens if a test comes back as negative?

A negative result indicates your pet is not adequately protected and would need a booster for that disease (DHP for dogs, Tricat for cats).

What happens if a test comes back as positive?

A positive result indicates that your pet is adequately protected and does not require a booster at that time. However, please note that these results only show immunity for the specific time the blood was taken so immunity can still change/decrease over the following weeks/months.

What do the different results scores mean?

The results scores are only relevant to determine if the animal has a positive or negative titre. A score of 0-1 indicates a negative titre; a score of 2-6 indicates a positive titre. The actual number itself is irrelevant apart from determining if there is or is not a protective immune response.

How often should Titre testing be run?

We would recommend annual testing to ensure immunity is covered.

How much does a Titre test cost?

A titre test blood test costs £75.40 this includes the blood test and posting the sample.

How much blood is needed?

1ml of blood is needed which we will either take from your pet’s front leg or neck.

How soon can puppies be tested?

Puppies should be over 20 weeks of age before titre testing, and at least 2 weeks after the initial puppy vaccine protocol.

Will positive results be good enough for a pet boarding facility?

Every facility has different requirements so it is worth double checking.

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