Repeat Prescriptions – Parasite Control

New regulations for prescribing parasite control treatments (flea, tick and worming) state that every pet must have had a physical examination by a vet and a prescription plan written into their medical notes at the time to allow these products to be dispensed.  The treatments can still be given out every 3 months and the prescription will be valid for 12 months.  The health check which is performed every 12 months during their booster vaccination will include updating their parasite control plan.

This rule will be enforced from 12th January 2024. We are currently working our way through all of our patients to ensure that their prescription plans are up to date – you don’t need to do anything about this.  After 12th January, if you would like to change the type of parasite control which your pet is taking, and they haven’t had an examination, we will need you to bring them in for an appointment so they can have a vet check and new prescription plan made. 

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