Repeat Prescriptions – Controlled drugs

Controlled Drugs

Gabapentin, tramadol, pregabolin, buprenorphine and phenobarbitone are legally classified as Schedule 3 Controlled Drugs because they can become addictive to humans. While this may not seem relevant to your pet, the regulations which govern how vets can prescribe controlled drugs have been tightened recently.

  • We are only able to prescribe a one month supply of medication at a time.
  • Every three months we must perform a physical examination of the patient. This means making an appointment to see one of our vet team. A repeat prescription consult fee will be charged for this assessment.
  • For the two prescriptions in between each exam, the vet must make a clinical assessment of the patient. When you order medication we will ask you to tell us about how your pet is getting on both in general and regards with their ongoing condition and the treatment thay are having.

Phenobarbitone is a long term epilepsy medication which has an exception to the full controlled drug restrictions. We can only prescribe one month at a time however patients only need to have a vet examination once every 6 months.

For those patients who have gabapentin on occasion to allow a less stressful veterinary visit, we will be restricted to prescribing a very limited number of tablets at a time.

These new regulations mean that you may have to bring your pet in to see the vet more frequently than previously if they need ongoing prescription medication. We understand that this will result in extra costs for you in regards both time and money. These new regulations have been imposed by our governing body The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and affect all veterinary practices in the UK.  We thank you for your understanding in us complying with these changes.

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