Patient Story – Thor


Handsome Thor was rushed into us by his owner as he had rubbed his face on some lilies she had been given as a gift, which Thor had been trying to lick off. All parts of a lily plant are dangerous for cats, including the leaves, flowers and pollen (even in very small amounts). Cats like Thor that are treated quickly have a good outlook.
Lily poisoning is something that often goes unnoticed, which means treatment gets delayed and lily toxins have time to damage the kidneys. Sadly, if lily poisoning isn’t treated quickly, it’s often fatal.
Our team immediately washed his face, paws and body. He was given injections to try and make him sick, but this wasn’t successful. Vet Helen performed a procedure called a gastric lavage, to flush out any pollen in his stomach and oesophagus (see the tube in his stomach on the x-ray). Thor was then given some activated charcoal to help bind any leftover toxins.
With the help from Nine Mile Ride our out of hours provider, Thor was kept on a drip for 72 hours to support his kidneys. He had multiple blood tests during this period, to make sure his kidneys were ok. Thor was a lovely patient, and we are so pleased he made a full recovery.
cat with pollen on face
cat in kennels
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