Patient Story – River


River is 6 month old Labrador puppy who came in to see us as he was being continually sick and not his normal bouncy self.
On examination, he was sore inside his abdomen so we performed x-rays under sedation and saw a suspicious round object in his intestines.  We were very concerned that he had eaten something that was causing a blockage.  This is an emergency situation as the intestine could rupture and make River seriously unwell.
River had surgery to investigate further and a ball was found inside his intestinal tract. The ball was successfully removed and the intestines sealed back together.
He received lots of TLC from our lovely nurses and has recovered well.  Thankfully he is now back to his normal playful self!
It is very important to ensure small objects are not left lying around in the house or garden when pets are around as their curious nature often results in them eating things they shouldn’t. If your pet vomits continuously and seems quiet please give us a call immediately.
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