Patient Story – Merlin


Merlin is a lovely 11 year old cat who came to see us recently as his owner was concerned about his teeth.  He saw Vet Roberta for an initial consultation and she confirmed that he definitely did need quite a few teeth removed as they were causing pain – although cats are very good at hiding this and eating like they have no problems!

Once he was asleep under anaesthetic, Merlin’s teeth could be closely examined and dental xrays taken to assess the roots and allow us to diagnose which teeth needed to be extracted.  There were nine teeth which were severely diseased and needed to be removed. Dissolvable stitches were put in the gum line and the rest of the teeth cleaned by scale and polish. Local anaesthetic and plenty of pain relief meant that once Merlin woke up from his procedure he was comfortable and keen to scoff down a bowl of soft food!

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dirty cat teeth
cat teeth
cat lying on blanket
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