Patient Story – Loki


Loki was involved in a road traffic accident and was rushed down to see us. Loki was triaged and stabilised with fluid therapy, oxygen and pain relief. Loki then underwent blood tests, ultrasound and x-rays to assess the level of his injuries. Whilst Loki has no obvious wounds or broken bones, he had severe bruising to his lungs and the trauma had caused his lungs to leak air (a pneumothorax). Our vets removed the air from Loki’s chest, but this continued to fill up again. He was therefore transferred to Eastcott Vets for intensive hospitalisation and to place a chest drain which would allow the air building up in this chest to be removed continuously. Loki spent 6 days in their intensive care unit before returning home. Luckily, he did not need any surgery to remove the damaged lung. Loki was such a brave boy during his treatment, and we are so pleased he has recovered fully from his accident!
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