Patient Story – Enzo


Enzo recently joined Mulberry House Vets and we have seen such a transformation in him.

He was struggling with “object anxiety” which meant he was scared when anything came close to his head and face. It had become impossible to take him to the groomers so that he was developing matted fur all over his body. His owners came to us to help him overcome this anxiety.

Initially Enzo saw one of our vets in the garden, for a hands-off consultation with his owner. We recommended he then popped back into our reception area every couple of weeks to receive treats from the team and to get used to the sights, sounds and smells.

Enzo and his owner have dedicated a lot of time to regularly coming back in to the practice and he developed a bond with Nurse Lizzie and Receptionist Stephanie. He took regular treats from them and eventually let them touch his head.  He was even brave enough to go for a walk around the practice, including into Dog ward to gain confidence in being away from his owner for short periods of time.

Enzo is a real fan of pate and we have worked alongside his owner to use such treats to gain his trust and allow muzzle training.  His owner tried lots of different muzzle designs and found one which suits him, allowing enough space for him to eat/lick treats through. We have continued the muzzle training during each visit with Lizzie spending time placing the muzzle on and off his head and clicking the latch open and closed so that Enzo could hear the noise and become desensitised to this.

After many weeks of visits and patience we were able to sedate Enzo without him becoming upset. He could then have a full hair clip to be able to let his beautiful coat regrow matt free. The physical and behaviourial change in Enzo has been amazing. He has been back in to see us for his vaccinations and to collect his Animal Health Certificate so he could enjoy a well earned holiday in France with his dedicated owner.

We are thrilled for them both.

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