Patient Story – Buzz


Buzz is a lovely 7 year old Sprocker who is adored by his humans and feline friend alike.

Last summer his owners noticed that their active, bouncy Buzz had developed lameness in one of his front legs. After some pain relief and rest he was still lame so he was given an Xray to ascertain what might be wrong. Buzz was diagnosed with arthritis in his shoulder and elbow. The news was a big blow especially as Buzz and his mum were about to participate in their second Battersea Muddy Dog Challenge.

We suggested that Buzz tried Librela which is a monoclonal antibody injection that targets the pain receptors associated with arthritis in dogs. Buzz had his first treatment in September. Within  five days he was no longer lame or needing pain relief and was back to his lovely happy bouncy self. Two weeks after that he ‘dragged’ his owner round the Muddy Dog challenge as if nothing was wrong! He has continued to receive Librela injections on a monthly basis and he continues to have no lameness.

We are so happy that he can enjoy himself again!

dog covered in mud
dog covered in mud
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