Patient Story – Bentley


Bentley belongs to one of our Nurses Lizzie. She was very worried one Saturday morning when Bentley developed a painful, swollen eye and seemed unwell in himself. He was given immediate pain relief and his eye was stained to check for scratches, but we were concerned that we weren’t able to clearly see into his eye and he seemed to be going blind. He was referred as an emergency to The Ralph Referral Centre in Marlow who performed an ultrasound scan of his eye and found a tumour inside. The following day he had enucleation surgery which involves removal of the whole eye including the tumour.

Bentley has recovered really well from this surgery and has quickly adapted to life with one eye.  He is back to his normal bouncy self, and most importantly he is no longer in pain.

dog with sore eye
ultrasound image
dog eye
dog at beach
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