Nurse Clinics and Nail Clipping

As we move out of lockdown, we are looking forward to being able to offer a more comprehensive nurse clinic service at Mulberry House Vets. All of our Veterinary Nurses are fully qualified and highly experienced. They have great levels of expertise in areas such as nutrition & weight management, puppy & kitten advice, geriatric care, dental health and can perform post-op checks, anal gland expressing, blood pressure monitoring and dressing changes.

You may be aware that during the Covid restrictions we have been unable to offer routine nail clipping appointments. Going forward, to allow capacity for our nurses to provide their full range of services, we will be restricting nail clipping appointments to those patients who have a medical need for this to be done by veterinary professionals. If your pet is with us for another reason eg booster vaccination, we are happy to clip their nails at this time.

Most healthy dogs and cats should not need their nails trimmed as a routine measure.

Dog’s nails should be kept at optimum length by doing plenty of exercise on hard ground. Dogs who do most of their exercise on soft ground or those who have reduced mobility, abnormal toes or nail disease may develop overgrown nails. We have made the following video to help advise you on whether your dog needs their nails trimmed and how to do this at home.

Dog nail clipping video

Cats that go outside need to have sharp nails to allow them to climb fences or trees and defend themselves. Indoor cats should be provided with various types of scratching posts and mats to prevent their claws overgrowing.

Cats with reduced mobility eg arthritis or sore paws, might not scratch enough to remove old claws and wear them down. These claws can grow into the pad causing pain and infection.

These videos show how to trim your cat’s nails:

Cat nail clipping video

Cat nail clipping close up

There are a number of very competent local groomers who are happy to provide routine nail clipping for dogs and cats of those owners who don’t feel confident to do this at home.

These include:

  • Fairy Tails – 0118 977 6668
  • Moocher & Co – 07734 410067

Nail clipping was previously offered as a complimentary extra for our Mulberry Club members on top of the annual treatments of vaccinations, flea, tick and worming prevention.  Unfortunately we are no longer able to include nail clipping in the plan. We believe that the subscription provides excellent value for all your pet’s preventative health care needs as well as discounts on neutering, dental care and diets. However if you would like to discuss your ongoing subscription, please email or call to speak to one of the Directors.

Nurse consultations can be booked online or by giving us a call on 0118 4028822.  The cost for a nurse consult is £21.80.

Very best wishes,

The Mulberry House Vets Team

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