Mulberry House Vets response to the CMA Investigation

In light of all of the news this week, we wanted to share some information about our practice and our prices. Along with much of the vet world, we welcome the CMA investigation and its push to update the veterinary regulations.
We are proudly independent at Mulberry House Vets, set up in 2019 by Sharon, Kate, Alex and Louise. We all work in the practice to ensure that you and your pets will always be at the heart of what we do! We are not part of a corporate chain so we are in full control of how we run our business.
The main concerns of the review were:
– A lack of choice for customers due to corporate groups reducing competition as they purchased more and more practices. (Independent practices fell from 89% in 2013 to 45% in 2021)
– A lack of clarity around pricing and procedures so that customers could make informed decisions
We will always provide you with estimated costs for any treatment and keep you informed of any changes. We show transparent pricing on our website –
Unfortunately, as a smaller business that isn’t part of a larger corporate group/chain of practices, we don’t benefit from the huge wholesaler discounts given to big groups who purchase in the millions but we do our best to price our products fairly. Due to current vet practice regulations, we must buy our medications directly from a licensed wholesaler and their prices are often significantly higher than the online pharmacies can sell these products for.
As an experienced team we understand that the best treatment option for one pet and owner is not the best for everyone. We’re always happy to discuss options wherever possible to find the best fit for your pets and finances.
We are proud to say that we reinvest heavily in our practice, equipment and the best staff (we think they’re the best in the world!). Like everyone else, over the last couple of years we have had large increases in our costs as well as increasing our staff’s wages as they battle the cost of living rises. For these reasons, we have had to set our fees to a level which covers these costs and allows us to continue to provide the high service our clients expect and our patients deserve.
We want to thank our incredible clients for your continued support and loyalty and particularly your kindness and compassion when interacting with our team. If you love our practice as much as we do, please like and share our post. We are currently registering new clients; if you know of anyone that may be looking for an independent practice please do recommend us.
If you have any questions, please talk to us! We are all human trying to do our best for our clients, our patients and our team!
Sharon, Kate, Louise & Alex
Mulberry House Vets
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