Dog & Cat Wards

To ensure the most relaxed and pleasant stay for our patients, our separate cat and dog wards are positioned at opposite ends of the building.  Whilst dogs may find cats and their smells exciting, we’re pretty sure that cats don’t feel the same way!   Our purpose designed kennels have pheromone plug-ins, climate control, night lighting and background classical music: this has been shown to help reduce stress in kennelled animals.

The dog ward has an exit door with an enclosed ramp to the garden for toilet breaks and a large walk-in kennel which provides easy access and a lovely comfortable resting space for our bigger patients.

Our cat ward fulfils the requirements for a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic. The specially designed examination table lets us perform thorough checks, take blood & urine samples as well as blood pressure measurements within this peaceful room. Our large overnight kennels allow cats to stretch out while also having room for a hideaway to give our shyer patients a place to retreat to.

Dog kennels
Fox Cat in cat ward colour
Fox Donna and cat colour