Happy Easter!

Easter Opening Hours

Easter Friday: Closed

Saturday 16th April: 8.30-2.30pm

Easter Sunday: Closed

Easter Monday: Closed

Tuesday 19th April: 8.30am-6.30pm

For urgent veterinary advice when we are closed please call MiNightVet on 0118 9733466 or visit our emergencies page.

You can also book non-urgent vet and nurse appointments online anytime.

online booking

Please order any prescription medication that your pet will require over the Easter break by Tuesday 12th April. Give us a call  on 0118 4028822 or click here
As we return back to pre-COVID life, we are delighted to welcome clients into our practice without restrictions. Of course you are welcome to wear a mask and if it would make you more comfortable, please do feel free to request our vet or nurse wears a mask while in the consulting room with you. We continue to offer video consultations for clients testing positive for coronavirus.

Keeping your pets safe this Easter:

Our houses are often full of yummy human treats over Easter.

Chocolate is very toxic to dogs, causing tummy upset and heart problems. Raisins (in hot cross buns) can cause kidney failure, with some dogs being highly sensitive so that only a small number of the fruit can result in severe illness.

Please keep these foods out of reach of doggy family members and make sure all chocolate eggs hidden in a garden or park have been found at the end of the hunt!

If your dog does eat chocolate or raisins please call us immediately for an urgent appointment so we can make them sick and reduce their risk of illness!

With very best wishes, 
The Mulberry House Vets Team

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