Enrichment Ideas

Post-Operative Enrichment Ideas

Exercise and mental stimulation is an important part of your pet’s well-being so it can be tricky when they need to be resting and recovering! We have put together some ideas for you to try at home to keep your pet entertained:

A comfortable resting area:

  • It is a good idea to have two areas for your dog to recover and rest
  • One in a quiet area where they wont be disturbed to allow them to fully relax
  • One in an area with a good view where they can see doors, windows and busy areas of the house to keep them entertained with every day goings-on

Keep their brain busy:

  • Ambient or classical music is a good way to keep dogs relaxed at home
  • Practice training (as long as this doesn’t hinder the area that needs resting)
  • Go on a car ride so they can still get some fresh air and see their surroundings without having to exercise
  • Rotate their toys so they stay interested
  • Some dogs enjoy watching television and there are plenty of dog friendly videos on Youtube!
  • Introducing your dog to new smells can be very mentally stimulating
  • Sit outside and watch the world go by; sounds and smells can sometimes be as interesting as going for a long walk!

Make feeding time interesting:

  • Puzzle feeders and slow feeders can slow down feeding and also use different parts of the brain
  • Snuffle mats can be bought or home made and can be a great way of promoting foraging behaviour and slowing down mealtimes
  • Kongs can be stuffed with tasty food or frozen with food inside them for a long lasting meal
  • Licky mats can be covered with tasty food and keep dogs busy for a long time
  • Cardboard boxes and packing paper can be used as puzzle feeders with a sprinkling of kibble to make dinner time more interesting
  • Consider reducing treats or calories; if your pet is less active, they will be burning less calories and will be more likely to gain some weight
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