Christmas Wishes

Wishing you and your pets a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year

2021 has been another challenging but wonderful year for Mulberry House Vets. We have welcomed new members to our Vet, Nurse and Reception Teams allowing us to reopen our books and register new pets to our practice. Our newly surfaced car park has made a great difference to reducing muddy paws in wet weather!

In August, the change in Covid regulations meant we could invite clients to accompany their pets inside and we are all really delighted to have you back in the consulting rooms with us.  As Covid numbers rapidly increase this winter, we kindly request only one client per pet and that everybody wears a face mask to help to keep us all safe.

Keeping your pet safe this festive season:

Christmas time brings lots of new toys and treats to households which can be very intriguing and potentially dangerous to our furry family members. Decorations like tinsel and ribbons can be fun to chew, house plants such as poinsettia, mistletoe and lilies are poisonous if licked so please keep them well out of your pet’s reach.  Presents filled with toxic chocolate and raisins may be irresistible to a dog when left under the tree or on a table top so should be stored safely away for human mouths only!

If you need any prescription medication for your pet over the holidays please let us know by Tuesday 21st December. Give us a call or click here.

We look forward to seeing you and your pets in 2022!


With love and best wishes,

The Mulberry House Vets Team

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