Operations and procedures

We have invested in state of the art surgical facilities and anaesthetic monitoring equipment to enable our experienced surgeons to perform the majority of operations and procedures here at Mulberry House.

Diagnostic Imaging

Our state of the art xray machine and moveable table allow us to take the perfect xray image in just a few seconds. This means we don’t have to move the patient between images and the time under anaesthetic is kept to a minimum.

Our vets are all experienced at abdominal ultrasound and Louise has undertaken extra training in scanning hearts (echocardiography).

Dental Suite

Our dedicated dental suite includes the most up to date equipment including digital x-ray.

All dentistry is performed under general anaesthetic for the comfort and safety of our patients.  We start by documenting the levels of tartar and gingivitis on each tooth. The tartar is removed by scaling then the enamel probed for lesions and the gum line checked for pockets of recession.  If there are any areas of concern we use radiography to visualise the whole tooth: 2/3 of the tooth is the root below the gum line so it very important we check for signs of disease that can’t be seen from the surface. Our digital xray machine allows these images to be seen immediately so we can make quick decisions and keep anaesthetic time to a minimum.

We perform surgical removal of teeth if necessary and usually the extraction sites are sutured with dissolvable stitches.

Finally the teeth are polished to so they are shiny white and to help prevent build up of plaque in the future.