Operations and procedures

We have invested in state of the art surgical facilities and anaesthetic monitoring equipment to enable our experienced surgeons to undertake the majority of operations and procedures here at Mulberry House.

As well as routine neutering, we can perform:

  • Tumour removal
  • Wound repair
  • Abdominal emergencies such as gastrointestinal obstruction, pyometra, gastric dilation and volvulus


Orthopaedic Surgery

We are able offer a range of advanced orthopaedic surgeries performed by a visiting surgeon from ProVetSurg. These include cruciate repair, correction of patella luxation, fracture fixation and arthroscopy.  This enables referral surgeries to be performed here at Mulberry House so there is no need to travel and your pet can be looked after in familiar surroundings by a team of vets and nurses who know them.